The Judson Heath Colonial Inn was originally built by Elnathan Judson in Gull Prairie Michigan in 1837 along with the now attached coachhouse which was originally a separate tavern. Judson operated a stagecoach stop, referred to then as a Public House, which was serviced by The Good Intent Line coach service. In 1854 Judson moved his family, his business operations and the two structures to 607 Butler Street, Newark Michigan (now Saugatuck). The Inn served as a personal residence for Judson, a mill owner, lumber dealer and land speculator, as well as a boarding house for his mill workers. 

In 1870 the property was subsequently purchased from Judson by George P. Heath, also a mill owner and lumber dealer, serving then both as a family residence and also guest quarters for ship captains procuring lumber contracts to rebuild Chicago after the great fire of 1871.  In the early 1900’s after the Judson/Heath industrial era, the house was successively operated as a resort, a rest home, and then a private residence. The building, an Asher Benjamin “Georgian Federal” design, is historically significant architecturally as well as to the history of the town of Saugatuck. The property was recently acquired and is undergoing a thorough and much-needed restoration and rebirth as a bed and breakfast scheduled to reopen 2017.

The Judson Heath Colonial Inn underwent a full resurrection and stunning renovation of the house and gardens by Innkeepers Stephen Boyd & Jennifer Davenport.  Following a mantra of Hip & Historic, we’ve incorporated thoroughly modern amenities while allowing you to experience glimpses into our history beginning from the frontier days to the present. Stay in town and walk to everything. We love it here and you will too, come visit!